Why does Upsider exist? / What’s in it for me?

Upsider was built by top-performing sales reps. We set out to solve a problem that we’ve had for the last 6+ years: We were crushing our numbers but always curious if we could be making more money somewhere else. We also wondered how we could determine which of the thousands of companies out there was the best next step in our careers based on our historical performance. There are currently no easy answers to these questions.

To solve these problems, we’ve built a platform that analyzes and benchmarks your performance, then helps you understand your market value as a top sales performer. Once we know your value, we’re going to introduce you to companies who are motivated to significantly increase your total earnings potential. The recommended companies will also build on your historical success, sales process, and target customers.

Is it only for people looking for jobs?

No, we are a career management platform. We want to partner with you throughout your career, making sure you always understand your value and have options to increase your earnings potential through new job opportunities. Ultimately, our goal is to find the next step in your career, whether it’s immediately or down the road.

If you’re a top-performing salesperson, you need to be on Upsider. If you are currently looking for a job, join Upsider immediately to make sure you’re maximizing your value.

What skill sets are you looking for?

We’re looking for consistent top performers, initially across all aspects of technology, SaaS, Mar/Adtech, and software sales -- everything including SMB, Mid-market, and Enterprise.

Is your platform focused on specific experience levels?

We will find your Upside, regardless of where you are in your career. This includes the salesperson with two years’ experience selling into small businesses, the 20-year Enterprise pit bull, or anyone in between.

Is this for specific geographies?

Right now we’re focused on the U.S. only.

Registration Process

Why do you ask so many questions to register?

Our platform is designed to analyze your performance data and make recommendations for companies and jobs that are going to increase your total earnings potential. The accuracy of our recommendations is driven by the amount of data we can use in the matching process. In other words, the more data you provide, the more relevant the results.

I requested access to your Private Beta. What happens next?

We are currently in private beta, and slowly turning on access for qualified top performers. We will reach out to you soon after reviewing your access request.

This seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We are building the platform we wanted to use when we were top performing salespeople. We wanted to leverage our sales stats to understand our value in the market and easily see where we could increase our earnings potential, all without investing a lot of time or effort. We’re finally building it so top performers can have that visibility.

And by the way, sales hiring managers want the same visibility. It is incredibly difficult to find top performers, and our platform will make it easier for them to find you.


Who sees the data I submit as part of the registration process?

Upsider keeps your information private and confidential. We use your data to determine the appropriate companies and jobs that will increase your earnings potential. Hiring companies will not see your name or any personally identifiable information unless you explicitly approve to share the information.

Can my boss see my profile?

No, we purposely built features that prevent anything related to you, your profile, or summary information from appearing in searches run by your current employer.

Can other employers see my profile?

Employers will only see aggregated summaries of profiles. They will not see any personally identifiable information unless they reach out through the platform, ask you to connect, and you approve the request to connect.


Do you work with other roles outside of sales?

No, we are exclusively focused on working with salespeople.

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