Engage with the right sales talent from the start Use data to efficiently hire top sales talent

Use data to efficiently hire top sales talent

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How It Works

Enter sales metrics about your role

Input data about your selling environment, sales process, and compensation offering.

Understand your role’s market position

See real-time analytics that deliver the insight you need to optimize and adjust your offer.

View your curated shortlist

Upsider’s algorithm matches you to the best salespeople for your roles,  using Machine Learning to refine your matches, encourage diversity, and prevent bias.

Introduce your opportunity with context

Send relevant introduction messages with personalized, data-driven context.  Build a pipeline, increase conversion, and make key sales hires.

Connect to top sales talent

Use data to identify top active and passive sales talent who otherwise ignore recruiting emails and InMail messages.  Salespeople trust Upsider to help them find the logical next step in their career. Directly approach and build  relationships with the best salespeople, regardless of job search status.

Offer intelligence with real-time market data

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your compensation plan in context with the rest of  your sales process. Adjust and optimize to ensure you are offering the best package to attract  the right salespeople to your role.

Increase hiring speed and efficiency

Candidates start their relationship knowing that you will be a verified next step in their career.  Creating a mutual win-win with Upsider candidates leads to a faster time-to-fill, increased new hire  ramp speed, and higher productivity.

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