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Input Your Sales Metrics

Finally, a secure place to store your sales career performance data. Stay organized as your career progresses from company to company.

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Create Data-Driven Resume

Think of it as the back of your baseball card. View your performance vs other salespeople and watch it trend over the life of your career.

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Match To Top Employers

Upsider uses machine learning and personalization to match you to companies that will pay you more and provide a logical next step in your sales career.

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Dig deeper into the right fit with data.

Busy selling but still want to keep your options open? We’ll do the work for you. We use data to surface only companies that are worth your time, with a high propensity to grow your career with a sizable compensation increase.

Upsider is always on, scoring you against job opportunities. Gain peace of mind you’ll know what is front of you, and get back to selling.

How Are Top Performing Salespeople using Upsider?


Joe used data to zero in on the right companies from the start

"Upsider's data driven approach gave me confidence that I was targeting the right roles and the best opportunities. The team was personable, insightful and invaluable in finding my new role, which landed me over a 30% comp increase! All salespeople should use Upsider to maximize their potential."

Sales Director
Ad Tech Sales

Murphy partnered with Upsider to find the right fit

"I have worked with plenty of recruiters in the past and they all have been the same - mostly caring about themselves. With Upsider, I felt the team let the data guide me towards the perfect fit. It felt more like I was working with friends and not some recruiter with a number in his or her head."

Channel Sales Account Executive
SaaS Sales
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Brett leverages Upsider data to understand his market value

"I love Upsider's benchmarks because they give me an 'always on' view into understanding how my sales career is trending. Knowing where I stand gives me peace of mind so I can truly focus on selling."

Enterprise Account Executive
Marketing Technology Sales

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